Our company's Qingdao urban overpass - Xinjiang Road Elevated Project has been opened to traffic

The Xinjiang Road Viaduct Project starts at the intersection of Shanghai Road, connects with the third phase of the East West Expressway, runs parallel to the west side of Qingdao–Jinan railway, runs northward along Guanxian Road and Xinjiang Road in the form of an integral viaduct, crosses the Puji Road freight yard, and is divided into two sections. The viaduct runs along both banks of the Changle River, and the terminal is connected to Hang'an Expressway via the Changle River, with a total length of about 3.5km.

The main line of the Viaduct is 25 meters wide and adopts two-way six lane; The ground auxiliary road is a two-way six lane road south of Lingxian Branch Road, and a two-way four lane road from Lingxian Branch Road to Puji Road. The ground road is connected to the urban road network from Puji Road. Four pairs of ramps are set up along the entire line, namely: Xiaogang Second Road Ramp, Bohai Road Ramp, Changle Road Ramp, and Hangzhou Branch Road Ramp.

As an important "vertical" in the "three vertical and four horizontal" expressway network in the main urban area of Qingdao, the construction of Xinjiang Road Viaduct project is of great significance.

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