Jiqing Expressway Middle Line

The Jinan-Weifang section will be divided into two sections, Jinan-Weifang and Weifang-Qingdao, the Jinan-Weifang section will be invested and constructed by Qilu Transportation Development Group, and the Weifang-Qingdao section of the Jijiao Middle Line and the connecting line project will be invested and constructed by Shandong High-speed Group. [1]
According to the plan, the passage of the Jijiao Middle Line runs from Jinan City in the west, passing through Zhangqiu, Zibo, Weifang, and reaching Jiaozhou in the east. The project will be divided into two sections: east and west. Among them, the western section, namely the Jinan to Weifang section, is built by Qilu Transportation Development Group, and the main line adopts the two-way six-lane expressway standard with a design speed of 120 km / h; The section from Weifang to Qingdao is under the responsibility of Shandong Expressway Group. The two sections of the project will be carried out simultaneously, and it is planned to be completed and opened to traffic at the same time to better meet the transportation needs of the road between Jinan and Qingdao. [2]

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