Jingtai Expressway Project

The Jintai Section Reconstruction and Expansion Project of the Jingtai Expressway is a key project of the Ministry of Transport in 2020-2021, a key project of Shandong Province to make up for shortcomings and cultivate new economic growth points, and the first batch of demonstration projects of the Ministry of Transport to create a "Ping An Centennial Quality Project". The project starts from Yinjialin Junction at the intersection of Jingtai Expressway and Jiguang Expressway in Shizhong District, Jinan City, and ends at Taishan Hub where Beijing-Taiwan Expressway and Qinglan Expressway meet, with a total length of 53.26 kilometers, an estimated investment of 6.573 billion yuan, and a design period of 36 months. After the completion of the reconstruction and expansion of the project, it will significantly improve the overall traffic capacity and service level of the Shandong section of the Beijing-Taiwan Expressway, and build and upgrade the main skeleton of the highway network of Jinan and Tai'an, which is of overall strategic significance for strengthening the internal synergy and linkage within the provincial capital economic circle and promoting the integrated development of the provincial capital economic circle.

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