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Unbonded steel strand or monostrand


PC strand

Non-bonded prestressed steel strands are suitable for cast-in-place concrete floor slabs, geotechnical anchoring, sewage treatment tanks, hydropower station dams, large-load prestressed beams and other special structural engineering of large-span and large-bay buildings. It has the characteristics of no need to reserve holes, no need for secondary grouting, and random curved reinforcement, which has the characteristics of simple construction and material saving. No bonding means that after the prestressed steel strand is prestressed, there is no adhesion between the prestressed steel strand and its reserved hole in the concrete component, which can slide, and the prestress is all transmitted by the anchors at both ends. In order to ensure that there is no adhesion between the prestressed steel strand and its reserved aperture in the concrete component, there is no sticking


PC strand and wire are mainly used to make large, medium and small concrete components of various shapes that are stretched successively, such as railways, highways, urban viaducts and long-span prefabricated components and earthquake-proof structures, etc.They can save steel and reduce the weight of components. It is an internationally recognized new building materials.


(1) Wire rod
Raw material for steel wire products is supplied by steel mill. Steel mils make wire rod by hot rolling process from bilet
(2) Surface treatment
Descaling wire rod removes rust and scales on the surface of wire. Surface coating wire rod facilitates drawing
(3) First Drawing
Descaled and surface coated wire rod is brought to 1st drawing machine to draw to required diameter and to give mechanical properties suitable for application.
(4) Stranding
Positioning the wires within the strands
(5) Stabilizing
Heat treatment process using high frequency relieves and removes stress.





PC strand

Plain wire

Sprial wire

Three sides indented pc wire

Spring wire

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